Nokia 3586i - . Learn about e-mail text messages

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Create and send an e-mail message

Use the same procedure for creating and sending e-mail messages as found in the section,
“Write a text message” on page 29. However, select Add e-mail, then enter the e-mail address
(or press Search and recall an e-mail address stored in your phone book).

Messages to phones in other networks

Most service providers can route e-mail messages to your phone (appearing as text messages).
The following show examples of how your phone’s e-mail address may appear:

“Please call”

“I am late. I will be there at”

“I’m at home. Please call”

“See you in”

“I’m at work. Please call”

“See you at”

“I’m in a meeting, call me later at”

“Sorry, I can’t help you on this.”

“Meeting is canceled.”

“I will be arriving at”

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Sending messages outside your service provider’s network with traditional text messaging can
be difficult. However, you can send a text message as an e-mail to phones outside your service
provider’s network (the recipient’s phone must be able to receive e-mail text messages).

Follow the instructions, “Write a text message” on page 29 but select Add e-mail. Enter the
e-mail address associated with the recipient’s phone number (or press Search and recall the
e-mail address stored in your phone book).


This feature may require subscription to special services. Check

with your service provider for information and for your phone’s e-mail address.


When you receive a text message, the

indicator and the text: (#) Message(s) received

appears on the screen (where # is the number of new messages received).


Press Show to read the message or press Exit to view it later.


While reading the message, press Options to view the list of message options, then press
Select to choose the desired option.