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Text messages


Some options may not be visible. For example, Use Web link appears only when

a URL is in the SMS message.


You can reply to a text message by a traditional text message or by an e-mail message. The
message origin or the sender’s wireless network affects how you reply to the message.

Replying via SMS


While viewing a message, press Options.


Scroll to Reply and press Select.


Scroll to one of the following reply types and press Select:

Empty screen—gives you an empty text buffer

Original text—includes original message in the reply message

Template—allows you to select a template from the Templates folder

Standard answer templates (including: See you in, See you at, Sorry, I can’t help

you on this., I will be arriving at, Please call, I’m at home, I’m at work, I’m in a


After you write your reply, press Options, then select Send.

A copy of all sent messages (up to the memory limit) remain in your Outbox, unless you turn
this feature off in Message settings.

Press Back to return to the Messages menu, or press the End key to return to the start screen.

Replying to an e-mail message

Use the methods described above for replying to SMS messages sent from an e-mail address.


If the incoming e-mail message is improperly formatted, you may be required

to re-enter the e-mail address by pressing Options, and then selecting Add e-mail.


You can erase individual messages or the contents of a folder. You can delete older or unwanted
messages to free up memory for new messages.

The Messages menu has these delete options:

Use Web link

Captures the URL in the message and allows you to go directly to that
site (via the Minibrowser) or to save it as a bookmark

Save address

Captures an e-mail address (or the sender of an e-mail text message)


Used to move message to user-defined folder



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[ 34 ]

All read—deletes all read messages from all folders (unread messages in Inbox remain intact)

Inbox—deletes read messages in this folder (unread messages remain intact)

Outbox—deletes all messages in this folder

Archive—deletes all messages in this folder

Erasing messages in the message folders


At the start screen, press Menu 01-1-7 (Messages > Text messages > Delete messages).


Highlight the folder whose contents you want deleted and press OK.


Enter your security code (if prompted) and press OK.

Erasing individual text messages


From the Inbox, Outbox, or Archive folder, highlight the message you wish to delete.


Press Options, scroll to Delete and press Select.


Press OK to confirm your choice.

Forward a message

You can forward any incoming text messages, whether they were sent as traditional text
messages or as e-mail messages. You can forward a message to a single user or to a list of users.


When forwarding a message to multiple users, your recipient list can contain both

phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


While viewing a message, press Options.


Scroll to Forward and press Select.


Select Add e-mail or Add number, then address the message.

For multiple recipients, press Options again, and add e-mail addresses or phone numbers.


Press Options, scroll to Send, then press OK.

To edit the forwarded message, select Edit text from the options menu before sending
the message.

View a message’s settings

You can assign the following settings from the message’s Options menu:

Urgent—sends the message marked urgent and appears in recipient’s Inbox with higher

priority than other messages

Deliv. note—lets you know when your message has been delivered

Callback no.—includes your number (or a number you enter or recall from the phone book)

in the body of the message



After entering text, press Options. Scroll to Settings and press Select.


Scroll to the desired setting, then press Mark.

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[ 35 ]

Text messages


Press Done, then press Yes to save changes to your message.


Scroll to Send, then press Select (or select a different menu option).

Learn about message memory

Messages are stored in the following locations:

Inbox - stores new messages and read messages

Outbox - saves copies of all sent messages or messages waiting to be sent

(in the event the network is temporarily unavailable)

Archive - used to file read messages and sent messages for long-term storage

A blinking

icon indicates the text message memory is full. You can receive, save,

or send messages, until you delete older messages from your Inbox, Outbox, or Archive.


Specify several settings that affect the overall way your phone handles text messaging.
Use (Menu 01-1-8) to configure the following:

Sending options - used to specify normal or urgent priority, request delivery note, or specify

that a callback number be sent automatically.