Nokia 3586i - . Turn on a current call timer

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Access data-related call timer

• Access data/fax call timers: Press Menu 2-6 (Call log > Data/fax calls)

• Access minibrowser call timers: Press Menu 2-7 (Call log > Minibrowser calls)

Data-related call timer options

The following call timer options are available for data/fax and browser calls:

Last sent (or received) data/fax - amount of data displayed in kilobytes (KB)

All sent (or received) data/fax - amount of data displayed in KB

Duration of last data/fax call - length of time spent on last data call or browser session.

Duration of all data/fax calls - running total of all calls.

Clear all data/fax logs - clears all timers and data logs.

Minibrowser timer options

The available options for the minibrowser call timers are similar to those listed above for
data/fax calls.

Duration of dialed calls

Displays total time for all outgoing calls

Duration of all calls

Displays sum total for all incoming and outgoing calls

Life timer

Shows the time used for all calls for the life of the phone.
This option cannot be reset.