Nokia 3586i - 4 Phone setup

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Phone setup

Your sales package may include the HDB-4 headset for handsfree communications. You can
make, answer, and end calls as usual with the headset connected. The headset fits over your ear
and the microphone hangs at the side of your head. When using this headset you can speak at
a normal volume.

Connect the headset


Plug the headset jack into the
bottom of your phone.


Wrap the device around ear.

You can use the HDB-4 button to
answer or end a call,
or activate voice dialing or voice

You can also use the Send key to
answer or the End key
to end calls.

Adjust the volume

Adjustments to the ear piece volume can only be made during a call by pressing the scroll right
key to increase volume or the scroll left key to decrease volume.

Adjust the brightness

You can make the screen brighter or darker by pressing Menu 4-2-6.

Press the scroll right key or the scroll left key to adjust the brightness. Press OK to confirm
your changes.

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