Nokia 3586i - . Make and answer calls

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Make a call


Fully extend the whip antenna when placing or receiving calls.
Enter the number using the keypad (include area code as needed).


Press the Send key.


Hold the phone as you would any other telephone, with the ear piece
over your ear and the microphone near your mouth.

Answer a call

When your phone rings, press the Send key.

End a call

Press the End key to terminate the active call.

Reject a call

Press the End key to silence the ring when you don’t want to answer a call.


To avoid accidental calls, press left selection key then * key to lock your

Unlock keypad

To unlock the keypad, press Menu then the * key.



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[ 12 ]


In your phone, Calendar Notes and Java Applications share a common pool of memory
(storage capacity). When either of these features are used, there is less available memory for
the other feature which is also dependent on shared memory. This is especially true with heavy
use of some features. If your use of a feature takes all of the shared memory, your phone may
display a message saying Memory full. To proceed, you would need to delete some of the
information or entries from these features to make additional memory space available.