Nokia 3586i - 3 About your phone

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About your phone

This section gives you a brief introduction to your phone and provides you with quick steps for
making, answering, and managing your calls. The rest of this guide user provides complete
details on phone use.

Power key

Selection key

Send key

Star key


Display screen

End key

Pound key

Selection key

Number keys

2.5 mm headset jack

Charging port

Connection port

4-way scroll key


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Your phone has three antennas:

• Internal antenna is always active.

• Whip antenna is active when fully extended.

The GPS antenna is also internal and is activated
when placing emergency calls or when is selected
from the Location info sharing feature. For more
information on Location info sharing, see “GPS (Location info sharing)” on page 59.

Do not touch either antenna unnecessarily when the phone is switched on.

Contact with the antenna affects call quality and may cause the
phone to operate at a higher power level than otherwise needed.

While in a call, hold the phone to your ear, placing your finger tips
on the Nokia badge at the mid-center of the back cover (located
below the antenna area on the back of your phone).




Use only the BLC-2 battery in this Nokia phone.


Remove the back cover



Insert the battery with the label side up and the metal battery
contacts aligned with the contact prongs on the phone.


Replace the cover by sliding it carefully over the whip antenna
downward until you hear a click.



Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet.


Connect the lead from the charger to the charging port
located on the bottom of the phone.


Disconnect the charger from the phone and AC outlet when
the indicator bar stops scrolling.

The battery can accept approximately an additional hour of
additional charge. The message Battery Full displays.


For best performance, charge the battery for 24 hours before you use the phone.

The charging time depends on the charger and battery you use.