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Your Nokia phone is equipped with a universal 2.5 mm enhancement jack that can be used to
connect any cellular ready or cellular compatible TTY/TDD device’s cable to your phone.

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When you need help, the Nokia Customer Care Center can provide information about Nokia
products. Please refer to the following table for more information on how to contact Nokia.

If you ever need to call Nokia Customer Care, Nokia Customer Interaction Center, or your
wireless service provider, you will need to provide specific information from your phone’s label.

Your phone’s label

The label inside the phone’s back cover (under the battery) contains important information about
your phone -- model, type and electronic serial numbers (ESN). Nokia recommends that you
record this information on the title page. Do not remove or deface the label. When you call, have
the phone and enhancement and this information available: phone model number, electronic
serial number (ESN), and your ZIP code.


Make sure to register your phone at

or 1-888-NOKIA-2U

(1-888-665-4228) so that we can serve your needs better if you should call the Nokia
Customer Care Center or have your phone repaired.


When you register your phone, you can sign up for Nokia's e-newsletter

Nokia Connections


You will receive tips and tricks on using your phone, enhancement information, and
special offers.


Some service providers preprogram their customer support number into the phone. Press and
hold the two key (or the key that your service provider instructs you to use) for two seconds to
automatically dial their customer support number. If the service provider determines the problem
is Nokia-related, the representative will direct you to the Nokia Customer Care Center (USA) or
Nokia Customer Interaction Centre (Canada).