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Your phone and other devices


Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the phone

on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.

You can connect your Nokia phone and compatible PC using the DKU-5 data cable. This cable
is available for purchase as an enhancement or may be included in your sales package. Once
your phone and PC are connected, you can access your phone’s information from your PC, or
use your phone as a wireless modem for digital data/fax calls.


Digital data/fax services (including IS95, IS2000 2G and 3G packet data)

are network-dependent features and may require a subscription to these services.
Please check with your service provider for the availability of digital data/fax services.

Personal Computer

With your phone connected to your PC, you can use Nokia PC Suite to:

• make a backup copy of the data in your phone (Content Copier).

• edit phone book contacts, numbers, profiles, and settings by the PC keyboard (Phone Editor).

• synchronize your phone book and reminders with Personal Information Manager (PIM)

applications (PC Sync).

• download ringing tones and JAVA midlets from your PC.

Please refer to Nokia PC Suite User Guide and PC/PDA Connectivity Guide for instructions.


You can use your Nokia phone as a modem with your laptop computer or handheld device, to access
the Internet or corporate networks.

For more information, refer to the Nokia PC Suite User Guide and PC/PDA Connectivity Guide.

Download software

PC Suite, the PC Suite/PC connectivity user guide, and all related software is provided to you free
of charge. These items can be downloaded from the US mobile phone products section of:

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