Nokia 3586i - . Security code

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Security code is a network dependent feature. Security code may be

replaced by Lock code in some phones. If the phone prompts you to enter a Lock code
instead of a Security code., see “Phone lock” on page 56.

Your phone prompts you for a five-digit

security code

for certain features and commands.

Access is granted only after the correct security code has been entered successfully.

The default security code is


. It is recommended that you change this code at once,

write it down, and store it in a safe place away from your phone.


When entering your security code,


is displayed on the screen to

keep others from viewing your code.

You can delete the last entered digit by pressing Clear (or by pressing and holding Clear to
delete all the digits more quickly). Enter the correct code or press Back to exit. If you enter an
incorrect security code (Code error will appear) five times in a row, your phone won’t accept
any entries for the next five minutes.

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[ 56 ]

Change your security code


Press Menu 4-6-2-4 (Settings > Security settings > Access codes > Change security
) and press Select.


Enter existing (or default) security code and press OK.


Enter new five-digit security code and press OK.


Re-enter your new five-digit security code for verification, then press OK.

Your phone displays the confirmation message Security code changed.


If you change your security code and forget the new code, contact your

service provider. Once you change the security code, the default code is no longer valid.