Nokia 3586i - . Lock keypad (Keyguard)

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With keypad lock (Keyguard) you can temporarily lock your phone’s keypad and prevent the
accidental placing of calls or pressing of the keypad (for example, when the phone is in your
pocket or in your purse).

Press Menu followed by the * key (within three seconds) to activate Keyguard. You can answer
a call with Keyguard activated. Press the Send key to answer the call. When you end
the call, the keypad remains locked.

Press Unlock followed by the * key (within three seconds) to deactivate Keyguard and unlock
your phone’s keypad.


The key icon appears at the top of the display. The left selection key is also

labeled Unlock.


When the phone is locked, calls may be possible to the emergency number

programmed into your phone (for example, 911 or other official emergency number).