Nokia 3586i - . Use call forwarding

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call forwarding

, your network redirects incoming calls to another phone

number. Using this feature helps to prevent missing important phone calls.


Call forwarding is a network-dependent feature and may not work the

same in all networks. Contact your service provider for availability and for your
network’s feature codes.

Learn about call forwarding feature codes

Your network requires separate codes to activate and cancel various types of call forwarding.
Your service provider can give you with the feature codes for these network services.



Mute/End mute

Used to disable or enable the microphone. If mute is selected, End
is displayed. These options affect any enhancements
connected to the phone (headset, car kit).

New call

Used to initiate a new call while in a call (call-waiting and
three-way calling).

End all calls

Used to end all active calls (call-waiting or three-way calling).

Touch tones

Used to enter a touch tone string (series of tones) manually or
search for a string.


Used to view phone book. Press Back to close phone book and
return to call.


Used to display main menu

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Advanced features

When you store the codes in your phone, they are sent automatically to the network when you
select a call forwarding option. Your phone can store the following type of feature code:

Store a feature code


Press Menu 4-7-5 (Settings > Network services > Network feature setting). The Feature
field appears after a few seconds.


Enter the feature code your service provider gave you (example


for activating Forward

if busy), then press OK.


Press Select when Call forwarding is displayed.


Scroll to the type of forwarding that matches the feature code you entered (example: Forward
if busy
), then press Select.


Select Activate.

The Activate feature code is now stored in your phone, and you are returned to the Feature
field. Continue entering other feature codes (example


to cancel Forward if busy),

or press the End key to return to the start screen.


Once you enter a network feature code successfully the feature becomes

visible in the Network services menu.

Activate/cancel call forwarding

After you store the correct feature codes, you can activate (or cancel) call forwarding
as follows:


Press Menu 4-7-2 (Settings > Network services > Call forwarding).


Scroll to the desired call forwarding option, then press Select.


Highlight Activate and press Select.


Enter the number to which you want your calls forwarded (or press Search to recall a
number from the phone book), and press OK.


Press Your phone calls the network to activate (or cancel) the feature you’ve requested.
The network sends a confirmation note when the feature is activated (or cancelled)

Feature code type


Forward all calls

Forwards all incoming calls to the number you specify

Forward if busy

Forward incoming calls when you’re in a call

Forward if not answered

Forwards incoming calls to another number when you are
unable to answer

Forward if out of reach

Forwards incoming calls to another number when you’re out
of the network or when the phone is switched off

Forward all data calls

Forwards all incoming data calls to the number you specify

Cancel all call forwarding

Cancels any and all call forwarding options you may have set

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This network service lets you receive an incoming call when you’re already in a call. When you
receive an incoming call, your phone displays the caller’s phone number (or the caller’s entry
in your phone book). The phone also beeps, notifying you of the incoming call.

To Answer a waiting call, Press the Send key (or press Answer) to place the current active call
on hold automatically and answer the new call.

To Switch between the two calls, accepting the waiting call puts the your first caller on hold.
To put the second caller on hold and reconnect with the first caller, press the Send key.

To end the active call, simply allow the other party to hang up; the call on hold then becomes
the active call. OR:


Press the End key to terminate the active call.


The network redials with the call on hold. Answer the call as any normal incoming call.


You can talk to two people at the same time. Conference calling is a network-dependent feature.


Check with your service provider to make sure this service is available in

your network.


Make a call to the first participant. When you’re ready to place a call to the next party,


Press Options, then press New call.


Enter the number and press the Send key (or press Search to recall number from Contacts).


Press the Send key again to connect both parties.


To end the call, press the End key. This action disconnects both parties.